What does a place at SAFE cost?

Our fees explained
The costs shown here are illustrative of a base placement (low level SEN support) and a typical high need placement.

Costs vary dependent upon the individual child. No two children have the same provision.

We are always happy to provide detailed breakdowns of costs, so that you know where your money is being spent.


Base placements include a small amount of time with our occupational therapist, speech and language therapist and educational psychologist, as required.

This will normally be used for assessment, and reports will then form part of a child’s EHCP application.

*High need placement costs are individually calculated based on need, and vary substantially. The above costs are a guide only.



Standard bursaries are available to families who meet the following conditions:

  • No other government, Local Authority or charity funding is received for the child’s schooling


  • The child does not have an EHCP

Bursaries are

✔means tested

✔ last for one year

✔take the form of a discount against the applicable year’s school fees.

✔may be reapplied for every year.

Additional support

Urgent Need bursaries offer shorter-term support than standard bursaries. These bursaries are designed for families in crisis and may top-up an existing award, or pay for further interventions for a child.

Bursary conditions

The award of a bursary is solely at the discretion of Social Arts for Education management. Further information, including bursary conditions and details of how bursaries are awarded is available in our Bursaries Policy.

For a rough guide of the maximum bursary that may be available to your family, please click on the calculator to the right. 

Placement options

Full-Time Places

Full-time places are for five days a week, from 8:45 until 3:15.

Key stage 3 pupils do not start lessons until 9:45am – their first period is used for interventions.

Our base fee covers the following:

  • Small group learning environments
  • Specialised teaching, using the SPELL framework
  • Base level SEN support
  • Access to our online learning resources
  • Exercise books and equipment
  • Exam entry and costs
  • Students’ own email address


Please note, a £150 admin fee is required to hold your child’s place for two weeks while you acquire the necessary documents for the trial period.  This also covers costs incurred through individualised transitions.




Part-Time Places

We are happy to have students on roll who are flexi-schooled. Children are, therefore, able to attend SAFE on a part-time basis. The minimum part-time attendance is two full days (or equivalent) per week.

Children attending part time and studying core subjects (maths, English or science) must attend for every lesson of those subjects.

Part-time places are subject to many of the same costs as a full-time place, however discounts can be given in certain areas. Please contact us to discuss.


Remote Places

We may be able to offer remote learning in certain limited circumstances, subject to availability of teaching staff. Children will need to be able to learn independently, without hands-on support.



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