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Results Day for GCSEs is               

27th August 2021

Covid-19 Exam Changes


The Government has made a commitment that examinations will go ahead this summer, with some modifications to the timetable and to specifications. Contingencies are in place for all possible scenarios. The exam season is later this year, to give students more time to prepare. More detail on the current plans can be found here. Updates will be posted as soon as they become available.


Timetables for the summer exam series have now been finalised, and dates for exams we will be holding at SAFE are below.

This video explains the changes that have been made to English Language GCSE as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

26th May 2021 (morning)

English Language Paper 1

27th May 2021 (morning)

Mathematics Paper 1 (non calculator)

10th June 2021 (morning)

English Language Paper 2

11th June 2021 (morning)

Mathematics Paper 2 (calculator)

18th June 2021

Mathematics Paper 3 (calculator)

External candidates

I am looking for an exam centre for my child. Can I use SAFE?

We do accept external candidates at SAFE, however, we have a limit on numbers, and generally will only take candidates for exams we are already running. You will need to fill out a suitability form for your child, and will be able to visit the centre for a viewing before making any decisions. Contact us for more information.

What boards are you registered with?

We are a registered centre for both AQA and Pearson Edexcel, so can accept candidates for qualifications run by either of these awarding bodies.

How much does it cost?

We charge £125 plus the cost of entry for each external qualification. Cost of entry varies, dependent on the subject.

My child needs access arrangements - what can you do about these?

We need plenty of notice (ideally at least 2 years) to obtain access arrangements for external candidates.

The burden of proof for access arrangements, even for private candidates, lies with the school, and is heavily based on our teachers’ assessment of a child’s normal way of working, 

We recognise that some children may have had access arrangements previously awarded in school – however, the rules state that in order for us to be able to use these, we would have to be part of a consortium with that school. We are also unable to accept access arrangement reports from independent assessors. Where an assessor is required, for example to obtain extra time, we are required to appoint that assessor. The cost of any assessment will be added to the cost of your child’s exam entry.

If you know your child will need significant adjustments in order to access qualifications, please contact us for a discussion a minimum of two years before your child is due to take their exams – this will give sufficient time to ascertain normal way of working, and to appoint any necessary assessors. We will do our best to help if the time frame is shorter, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

What about coursework?

For qualifications that have a non-examined component (English and Science), external candidates will have to come in for a number of timetabled lessons to complete this work under controlled conditions, as our teachers will have to be able to confidently assess it as the student’s own work. The cost of these sessions will be additional to the cost of the qualification entry.


If you wish your child to sit their exams at SAFE, we will need to have completed all necessary suitability checks, interviews and screening by the end of the autumn term preceding the exam series, unless they require access arrangements, in which case we will need more time. Further information on this is on the Access Arrangements dropdown to the left.

We will have to be able to confidently verify your child’s identity, so will need you to provide photo ID for them. If your child does not have a passport, we can accept a CitizenCard as ID for them.