The curriculum at SAFE is designed to give our students all the opportunities they need to reach their academic potential, whilst ensuring their emotional and mental health, and social functioning, are scaffolded.


We strive to ensure that they leave us not only equipped for life in terms of qualifications but with the practical skills they need to live happy, fulfilled and independent lives.


Read about what’s on offer.



English is offered at Key Stage 3 and GCSE level, with emphasis placed both on real-world usage of language and emotional literacy. Creativity is encouraged, and the subject is heavily interest-linked. 


Mathematics is taught at Key Stage 3 and GCSE Foundation and Higher. We aim to teach the subject in a hands-on, kinaesthetic manner, whilst preparing children for formal examinations. 


We offer an exciting KS3 science programme that is taught through small projects.  We also offer a Double Science IGCSE for students wishing to take this route.  The students can fully engage with the subject at a practical level. 

We currently offer Biology at KS5 to students who have completed KS4 with us and wish to take the subject further.



Students at SAFE can cook to enhance their life skills and experiment.  Older students can follow a BTEC Home Cooking course, which teaches them all the skills they need to cook, serve and store food safely, whilst exploring their creativity. We may be able to link this programme to offers at Local FE and sixth form colleges whenever students are ready.


We start by exploring a skills-based Art course at SAFE, which allows the students to gain confidence and learn artistic techniques; we also explore art history through practical projects.   Later students can access the Bronze and Silver Arts Awards through which they can explore subjects as diverse as film making, textiles, music, drama and traditional Art skills.  Students can also study for GCSE Art and Design with a focus in one specialised area.


We begin ICT at SAFE by helping KS3 students to access and become confident with G-Suite for Education, followed by the Digital Enterprise Award in Bronze, Silver or Gold. Students can access education via our remote platform and in person.  We are able to offer the BTEC First in Information and Creative Technology at Level 1 and 2 which is ideal for students who want to explore the creative digital industries through practical contexts.  


PE at SAFE focuses on a different sport each half term. All sports are externally coached by qualified staff in specialist facilities. Students can experience a wide variety of sports, from sailing to equestrian activities.

Sensory Integration

Group Sensory Integration sessions are offered throughout  each school day, to help to develop, aid and support students’ cognitive, motor and emotional abilities during their lessons. 

Personal and Social Development

Weekly sessions for each year group focus on aspects of personal, social and health education, such as sex and relationships education, money management and support for wider functioning in society. 


Children in KS3 study history in a practical, fun, kinaesthetic manner. At KS4, a GCSE course is offered to those who wish to study the subject in more depth.  


All children are able to learn conversational French in fun, engaging classes, which include practical activities such as food tastings. 


We offer Psychology initially to our KS4 students. They are then able to continue it to KS5 if they wish to do so.


Children can take a DT class which focuses on different textile crafts, including reuse and recycling of textiles. This aids fine motor skills and provides an outlet for creativity. 



Therapeutic sessions

Children at SAFE can access therapeutic sessions such as Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. We offer Drama as a group social communication class. Children can also receive targeted 1:1s, including from a counsellor. These are individualised and based on each child’s needs.

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