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Rapid Lateral Flow Testing

Twice-weekly Rapid Lateral Flow testing is available for all secondary students and their families. Test kits are available from reception. Any students who aren’t happy to self test can still be tested in school if they wish. Students will not be tested without the consent of a parent, and consent for testing can be withdrawn at any point.

The pictures below show the process for rapid lateral flow tests.

Covid-19 – Information and Support

If you are a parent or carer with a question about your individual circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic, visit the following websites for more information:



Letter to parents and carers, February 2021

We will still be providing remote learning for any students who have to self-isolate due to Covid-19, and our remote learning policy remains the same for these students.

Here are some links to resources, to help you to help your child with their learning, and with daily living, during lockdown.

We know how difficult it can be to help your child to adjust to this radically new way of working, and that the increase in your child’s screen time at the moment is a potential cause for concern. Below are some helpful external links containing resources to help your child plan their day, and help you to monitor their screen time and support their learning. 

How Everybody Should Behave Whilst Remote Learning

When I work from home, I will: 


✅ Use a filter on my router/computer at home to keep me safe

✅ Work from a communal area at home that is supervised but free from distraction

✅ Wear the clothes I normally wear at school

✅ Keep talk and writing respectful

✅ Tell the teacher or support staff if I need help or if I have completed work

✅ Fill out student evaluation forms

✅ Tell a teacher or a trusted adult if I feel scared, uncomfortable or worried

✅ Take regular breaks from my computer

✅Read through the PSHE packs in the Google Classroom to learn more about staying safe online

✅ If I feel really anxious about communicating, I can tell my parent or carer to inform SAFE that I want to stay silent during the lesson. My parent or carer  can communicate on my behalf and/or send work to my teacher from me.

❌ Never contact a teacher or support staff on social media or platform that isn’t part of the Google Suite used for remote learning
















When I work from home, my teacher or support staff will:


✅Always be online with another member of staff

✅ Work from a communal area at home that is free from distraction 

✅ Wear the clothes they normally wear at school 

✅ Expect me to communicate with them by either; talking over video, talking over the microphone; writing on a support document; writing on Google Hangouts or writing on the group chat on a working document

❌ Never ask me to join a 1:1 video call

Never contact me on social media or platform that isn’t part of the Google Suite used for remote learning