How we allocate places

Places at SAFE are prioritised against the following criteria:

  • Person having suffered from continual bullying
  • Having a committed desire to learning (with evidence of this)
  • Person having social differences (including but not exhaustively autism spectrum conditions) that may make them a target for bullying/isolation
  • Person having school/peer-related anxiety or phobias
  • Person not being able to access social or group learning environments due to any of the above
  • Person having medical or social needs that require flexischooling

Further information can be found in our Admissions Policy.

Our pupil profile


SAFE is a provision that aids the recovery of students who have continually suffered from bullying and associated psychological problems.

A typical student will have SEMH (social, emotional and mental health needs), displayed through passive and anxious behaviour.

We are not a suitable provision for any students who readily or regularly display any forms of aggression. 

This is due to the detrimental effect these behaviours can have on the trauma recovery of other students.

The first step in any application to SAFE is to fill out the Needs and Support Assessment form. This allows us to work out whether or not we are able to meet your child’s needs. You can find this form here.


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The SAFE Admissions Process

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Needs and Support Assessment

Admissions Visit

Reservation of place


Documents and references

Trial sessions


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